Active versus passive investing.


Active investors believe the markets are not efficient and that fundamental and/or technical analysis (most of the time luck) can be used to gain superior performance in excess of the normal returns of the stock and bond markets. On the other hand, passive investors believe that the markets are mostly efficient and that all stocks and bonds are fairly valued based on all known available public information at any given time.


We believe that financial markets do a much better job of valuing the worth of a company than a large majority of professional money managers and individual investors. Therefore, our clients are not invested in individual stocks or in active mutual funds where a manager is often times charging high fees and taking excess risk by attempting to try and beat the returns of the stock and bond markets.


Instead, our clients hold investment securities in their portfolios that are concentrated in asset class and index funds from firms like Vanguard, Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA Funds) and iShares that aim to match the performance of the global stock and bond markets at the lowest possible cost.

We believe that there are three primary drivers of long-term portfolio performance.

Asset allocation.

Your asset allocation should reflect the amount of risk between stocks and bonds you need to take to match your long-term investment objectives, not the maximum amount of risk you can accept and still sleep at night.

Investment selection.

Chasing the latest stocks is not our idea of investment selection. We believe that you are best served by holding a diversified portfolio low-cost asset class and index funds designed to capture the performance of the markets.

Fees and taxes.

Keeping your overall total investment costs low is a must if your goal is to achieve long-term market matching performance. We help keep your overall investment costs low with our own fixed flat $750/quarter management fee.

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