One simple, low-cost fixed fee.

Our investment management and advisory fees are NOT based on a percentage of your investment assets. Everyone pays us the same low-cost fixed fees for our services regardless of the size of your investment portfolio.

Investment Management & Advisory Services

Investment and retirement planning, full service ongoing investment management and advice, including - asset allocation design, investment selection using index funds, portfolio implementation, rebalancing, tax optimization (asset location and tax loss harvesting), monitoring and online reporting.

$750 /quarter

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Full service investment management,
retirement planning and on-going advice.

Personalized advice.

Review your financial situation, develop a retirement plan, design an investment strategy, provide full service on-going investment management and provide advice as needed.


Maintaining your set target asset allocation investment strategy when the markets cause it to shift higher or lower is critical to a solid long-term investment plan.

Investment selection.

Design a globally diversified investment portfolio using low-cost asset class and index funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors and Vanguard, adjusted to your personal situation.

Tax optimization.

Taxes are a cost to your portfolio. Help keep your taxes lower with tax-loss harvesting and asset location strategies so you can keep more of your money working for you.

Cash flow planning.

Advice in determining and implementing your retirement cash flow distribution needs or if you're still working help develop your savings and accumulation strategies.

Online access.

Access to our online portal so you can monitor your managed accounts, asset allocation, transactions, performance and your long-term retirement planning.